Written in Red

Written in Red

Author: Anne Bishop

Format: Audiobook

Narrator: Alexandria Harris

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

I have a new found love of audio-books. Outside of middle school the first audio-books I listened to was Beautiful Creatures. I think what makes or breaks the audio-books is the narrator. Alexandria Harris is a decent narrator. I love how she changes her voice for different characters and how she conveys emotion for the character. She brought the story alive. However there is one downside and I’m not sure if it is the the fault of the narrator, or the person who put together the recordings, but it was sufficient enough for me to dock half a star from my rating. That is that the spacing or pauses between scene changes is almost non existent which confused me the first couple of times but I eventually got used to it. Other than that one thing I did not have any issues with the narration. The story centers around Meg Corbyn a Cassandra Sangue or ‘Blood prophet’. It was interesting how she could only see prophecies from cutting herself, and how depending on if she told someone the vision or held it in, seeing the prophecies can have a painful or euphoric sensation. Meg escapes for the facility that she was born and raised in and seeks refuge in the Lakeside Courtyard the home of the others. After being helped by Simon Wolfguard the temperamental shifter who reluctantly hires her as the human liaison she encounters trouble with corrupt officials trying to find her, Asia Crane the opportunistic woman who have a strange interest in the Lakeside Courtyard and trying to figure out what is and what is not taboo to the Others. What I loved about this story was the different character dynamics from the wolf cub suffering from PTSD, temperamental elementals, vampires that make Edward Cullen look like a kitty cat and an unknown Other who I strongly suspected was a dragon for most of the book. You also have interesting human characters Meg who is smart yet has a child like naivety that we find is common in blood prophets, the policemen who was sent to the Lakeside Courtyard after saving a young wolf cub from a pedophile (regardless of how evil the human is, the humans in this novel still find it taboo to take a human life to save the life of an Other), and our villianess who at times seems simply annoying, yet is a villain because she cares only about money and not about the lives she destroys during her schemes.
I truly enjoyed Anne Bishop’s portrayal of supernatural creatures. They are not the beautiful but sexy creatures we are used to. They don’t wish for humanity nor thing of humans as anything but prey. It was a tale that had me hanging on every word, and looking forward to what happens next. Not once did I get bored with the novel. It is a story that I would recommend to anyone who loves Urban Fantasy and wants a different approach. This is the first novel I’ve read by Anne Bishop and I can not wait to read more.




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