Starting From Scratch

I was not sure if I should put this under writing updates or Elementals. However after careful consideration, even though this is a writing update it has a lot to do with the current project I am working on. Elementals is not the name of the trilogy. In fact I have not named it yet. It was what I was working on for Camp NaNoWriMo, however I was not the least bit satisfied with anything I had written during April. Maybe it was college and work. However since I am off the hook for the summer, at least as far a college is concerned, I should have no excuses right? Well I have decided to go back to the drawing board. Starting with my outline of events that predate the first book. For the timeline I am using Aeon timeline and while I do not have the full scope of how to use everything in this program. For what I need, what I know is almost more than enough. However the thing that I dread doing is creating an outline for this particular story. Only because I keep changing the direction I am going with. It is frustrating because I have all of these ideas and some of them will never see the light of day because there is a such thing as too much. Especially when writing a novel. So back to the drawing board I go, and back to outlining and probably making a different scrivener project and outlining in more detail. I hate outlining in detail however I think I can get a better focus if I do detail it more.


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